Common Room

1. The college provides two common rooms for the students one for the male students and the other for the female students.
2. The affairs of the common rooms shall be managed by the executive body of the common room with the approval of the Principal.
3. The executive body shall consist of
(i) The Principal, President(Ex-Officio)
(ii) Two members of the teaching staff one for each common room.
(iii) Secretary and Asst. Secretary Boys Common room.
(iv) Secretary and Asst. Secretary, ladies Common room (to be elected from among the students of the college)
4. All the meetings of the executive body shall be held in the presence of the lecturer in charge of the common room.
5. The election for different offices shall be held along with the election of the office bearers of the college union.
6. In the absence of the Secretary the Asst. Secretary shall manage the affairs of the common rooms.
7. The secretary can be removed from the office by the Principal or the Lecturer in change for any kind of misconduct.