General Rule

  1. A studious atmosphere must prevail in the class room as well as in the campus.
  2. Unnecessary roaming about, wasting time, making unhealthy comments or causing chaos in the college premises must be avoided. When the students do not have classes, they may remain either in the students’ common room or reading room.
  3. The students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not ordinarily leave their seats during the lecture.
  4. Active participation in politics is not compatible with the academic life of students, so they are not expected to indulge in public activities, whichare of political nature.
  5. No student, with out the authorization of Principal, may claim to represent the college at any organization of students or at any political or civic meeting what so ever.
  6. All students will treat the college property with care and neatness. They should not write on furniture or walls. Any damage or destruction of college property will be punishable individually or collectively, as the case may be.
  7. Students must carry their identity cards to college every day and must produce for inspection by the Principal or any members of the staff. A studentwith out identity card is not expected inside the class room or college campus.