The college provides accommodation for 300 boys and 500 Girls students in the hostels attached to it.

After admission in the college, student, seeking admission into hostels may apply in the prescribed form available in the college office within the time specified. Admission into the hostels in not a matter of night.


Superintendent and Asst. Superintendent are appointed by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff to guide the boarders and to look in to the day to day administration of the hostels. The students are responsible for maintaining proper order and discipline in the hostels.

Admission form : Rs. 20/-
Hostel Admission : Rs. 200/- (Per annum)
Development Fee: Rs. 200/- (Per annum)
Electrical & Water Charges: Rs. 100/- (Per annum)
Hostel caution money (Refundable) : Rs. 500/-
Annual Function : Rs. 150/-
For Ladies Hostel Only. Local Guardian Identity Card: Rs. 20/-
Saraswati Puja : Rs. 50/-
Establishment Fee : Rs. 200/- (Per annum)

Admission Fee : Rs. 200/-
Development Fee : Rs. 200/-
Monthly Fee : Rs. 300/-
Caution Money (Refundable) : Rs. 500/-
Saraswati Puja : Rs. 100/-
a) The Hostel mess is controlled by the hostel authorities and managed by the hostel committees. The accounts relating to the mess are checked by the members of the committee from time to time. All decisions arrived at by the food committee are subject to the approval of the superintendent.
b) All boarders will get two meals a day and will get the same type of food. On special occasions, special vegetarian and non vegetarian meals may be served.
c) Boarders are entitled to get refund of their meal charges only when.
1. They are absent from the hostel on leave.
2. They inform the manager in writing stating the period of absence.
3. A boarder desiring to cancel his/her meal should inform the Mess Manager in writing by 7A.M. to 4P.M. positively. Refund for absence from the meals is adjusted to the accounts of each individual boarder at the end of the month.
d) No boarders shall ordinarily be permitted to take his/her meal outside without prior permission.

After normal admission into the hostel is over seats will be alloted to boarders by the Superintendent. Each boarder will be supplied with necessary furniture as far as possilbe. Boarders are responsible for the up keep and are required to make good the loss for damage.

a) Leave of absence from the hostel must in all cases be granted by the Hostel Superintendent. It will not ordinarily be granted unless a written request is made by the boarder’s parents or guardian.
b) Should a boarder overstay leave, she/he should bring satisfactory written explanations from his/her parent, and natural guardian, so that this absence may be condoned at the discreation of the Superintendent. If no satisfactory explanation is produced necessary action may be taken by the Superintendent and Principal.

Hostel Common Room provides selected newspapers, periodicals and facilities for indoor games. Selection of newspaper, and periodicals will be made by the superintendent. No reading matter can be entertained in the common room without the approval of the Superintendent.

Application for withdrawal should be made by the guardian. No boarder will be permitted to leave the hostel without the previous permission of the Superintendent, who will ascertain that all dues of the hostel have been paid.
Application from boarders should reach the office of the superintendent at least three days before leaving the hostel.

1. The superintendent will fix up the time for study hours from time to time. No boarder shall be absent from his room during the study hour without the permission of the Superintendent. Frequent absence from the hostel study hour or night will be treated as breach of discipline and is punishable.
2. No boarder shall in any form interrupt others in the studies at any time.
3. Boarders must, in all cases, obtain previous premission of the Principal before joining or taking part in any activity outside the college.
4. All collective activities of the boarders such as calling meeting circulating notice or raising subscription must have the previous sanction of the Superintendent.
5. Boarders are expected to look into the cleanliness of their room and surrounding area.
6. All light must be put out by 11 P.M.
7. Boarders are not permitted to take any directed action against any bearer or servant of the hostel. Complaints should be brought to the notice of the Superintendent.
8. Smoking, spitting in the rooms and verandath, throwing torn papers and broken glasses and such other objectionable materials in and around the rooms and verandah, disfigureing the walls, doors and windows in any form will be treated as breach of discipline and as such heavily punishable.
9. Holding of meetings of any sort, without the prior permision of the Superintendent shall be viewed seriously.
10. Use of drugs, intoxicants, tobacco and gambling in any form is punishable.
11. Use of electrical appliances like heater, iron etc. are forbidden.
12. In case of communicable diseases the authorities may expel a students from the hostel if (s) he refuses to be quarantined. 13. Singing and /or playing musical instruments except during the authorisd hours is a breach of discipline.

Any other matter not covered by the above rules shall be referred to the Superintendent or the Principal. The decision of the Superintendent or the Principal in such matter shall be final and binding.

1. The gate of the hostel should always remain closed but during the night time i.e. from 6.30 P.M. to 5.30 must be properly locked up.
2. Prefects would be nominated by the Superintendent responsible for general cleanliness and discipline.
3. The natural guardian of a boarder shall appoint two local gurdians who must be permanent resident of the town living with family to look after the different problems of the ward and about the wards. Besides, he can submit the names of visitors at the time of admission, who can only visit his ward.
4. Only recongnised / permitted visitors are allowed to see their wards during the hours. Visitors shall meet the boarder in the presence of the Superintendent or the ward servant.
5. Hostel is meant for boardes only. However outsiders like relatives & guardians can make a short stay with due permission of the superintendent.

To its credit the college has a beautiful Guest House. It came into being in December 1971. It provides lodging and boarding facilities to distinguished personalities coming in connection with business of the college. It is managed by certain rules framed for the purpose.
A member of the teaching staff is nominated by the Principal to look in to the Guest House. One of the peons of the college takes care of the Guest House.